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Automated English Writing Evaluation
Swiftly assess your writing with EnCoach's AI platform, offering detailed feedback in seconds. Save time and receive a comprehensive brief highlighting covered aspects and ways to enhance English writing skills. Identify weaknesses, improve, and approach your IELTS confidently.
Evaluation is based on the following:
  • Grammar mistakes
  • Sentence
  • Punctuation mistakes
  • Cohesiveness and consistency with the topic
What you will acquire with EnCoach:
  • Tips for effective writing.
  • Quality writing strategies.
  • Sample text to compare your writing to.
English Speaking Practice and Evaluation
Elevate English speaking with EnCoach's practice and evaluation. Instant feedback and results save time for efficient improvement, fostering a professional accent.
Evaluation is based on the following:
  • Pronunciation and Vocabulary
  • Grammar when speaking
What you will acquire with EnCoach:
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Enhanced vocabulary
Reading and Listening Comprehension Practice
EnCoach prepares you for IELTS reading and listening with diverse accents and instant feedback. Our materials address vocabulary concerns, ensuring you excel.
Evaluation is based on the following:
  • Correct answers
  • Contextual analysis
  • Response time
What you will acquire with EnCoach:
  • Understanding different accents.
  • Strategies for analyzing the context of the written material.
  • Improved time management.
  • Computer-based IELTS exam prep
  • Reading skills: skimming, main ideas, writer’s context
Practice Tests and Score Evaluation
Prepare for your IELTS test with EnCoach. With instant evaluation for each section, we help you improve and succeed.
Evaluation is based on the following:
  • No. of correct answers
  • Speed of responses
What you will acquire with EnCoach:
  • Tips and tricks to score 8+
  • Better writing and speaking strategies
  • Training of your ear to pick different accents
  • In-depth understanding of the reading material
Progress Tracking and Analytics
Monitor IELTS preparation progress with EnCoach. Instant feedback, detailed analysis, and improvement insights optimize performance for success.
Advantages of progress tracking and analytics:
  • Highlighting weaknesses,
  • Assessing pre-existing knowledge
  • Providing thorough analyses for writing, speaking, listening, and reading sections
Corporate and Educational Institutions
Unified English level test for corporate and educational institutions
EnCoach elevates language skills through unified English-level tests for companies and educational institutions. Showcase proficiency efficiently with internationally recognized CEFR level classification.
Advantages of Unified English level test:
  • Cost-effective tests
  • CEFR Benchmark
  • Developed by language experts
  • Quick language proficiency proof
  • Business English acquisition
  • Academic English improvement
Customized Packages for Corporate and Educational Institutions
EnCoach offers tailored packages for corporate and educational institutions, meeting specific English level needs. Achieve success with effective and efficient training.