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ReadingGet to know about different reading skills and techniques that allow you to skim quickly through the text and understand the key points as soon as they reach your eyes. Learn the tips that are needed to high score in the best IELTS preparation online free of time constraints and inefficiencies.
ListeningEnhance your listening ability and train your ear to pick up on the main ideas of the speaker. Acquire the skill to follow the idea and context of the speaker. Become an expert in understanding different English language accents and intonations. With our exercises, you will be able to comprehend the audios and clearly present a contextual analysis.
WritingBecome proficient in the writing aspects of the language exams. Understand how to follow through the main idea and how to be cohesive. Improve your writing skills and master the elements of writing such as grammar, sentence structure. Gain knowledge on how to improve English writing skills.
SpeakingBecome a professional speaker of English language with improve English speaking service. Get a chance to practice dialogue and speak fluently. We will provide you with exercises that enhance your pronunciation as well as your vocabulary. How to improve English speaking skills? The answer is EnCoach.
Advance with AI
Get instant results and feedback with AI powered platform

Our algorithms provide speedy results and evaluate the test, providing a brief feedback on areas that are strong and the areas where improvement is needed. So there is no need to pay a hefty amount to a tutor and spend hours upon hours to review your performance. With EnCoach, you receive the evaluation within seconds.

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Person using a laptop
Person using a laptop
Benefits of EnCoach
Satisfied students with high scores at every level

With our growing community of students, we offer you the benefits that no other platform has. We incorporate artificial intelligence in our algorithm which ensures peak efficiency and precise evaluations. Following a methodology that provides uniquely generated questions, students’ confidence in attempting exams is heightened. With a clear focus and understanding, as well as thorough evaluation, scoring highest is the only goal left. So why not join the sky of EnCoach stars?

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